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Professional hygiene

The main preventive care in dentistry is the professional oral hygiene, which is nowadays regarded as a special field of study. Regular attendance of hygiene cabinet can prevent you from gingivitis and appearance of caries. To maintain the healthy state of your gingiva and teeth it is rather important to take care of your mouth cavity at home and attend your dentist regularly. Apart from brushing your teeth two times a day for two minutes, using interdental brush and dental floss, it is necessary to clean your teeth professionally in the dentist’s cabinet 2-3 times a year.

Professional oral hygiene prolongs the life of your teeth, fillings and dentures significantly. Hygienist will help you to clean less accessible places:

  • remove tartar, pigmentation (coffee, tea, cigarettes spots etc.) using supersonic sound
  • polish teeth and fillings (Air-Flow)
  • treat teeth both children’s and adults‘ ones using fluorine, and
  • whiten your teeth.

To get the best result it is necessary in most cases to visit the dentist more than once. If you want to keep your teeth and gingivae healthy for a long time, you need to visit hygienist occasionally. The right thorough tooth brushing (either at home or professional one) is an indispensable part of periodontitis treatment and the indication of long-lasting service of dental implants. Due to hygienic visits you can obtain an ideal healthy state of your mouth cavity as soon as possible. Being used daily our teeth deserve a professional care at least onсe per six months.

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