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About us

mainDear friends, welcome to the site of the dental clinic LILYDENT

Beautiful smile is an indispensable part of the healthy person’s public image. LILYDENT clinic suggests you a complex preventive examination and treatment of mouth cavity. We will take care of the health of your teeth and parodentium with the help of modern technologies and equipment in the field of:

  • Professional hygiene (supersonic sound cleaning and air-flow, fluoridation),
  • Teeth whitening (in the doctor’s cabinet, at home),
  • Therapeutic dentistry (initial complex examination of the mouth cavity, caries treatment and prevention of mouth cavity diseases),   
  • Endodontology (root canal treatment aiming at tooth maintenance)
  • Aesthetic dentistry (photocompositional dental restoration, Inlay, Onlay, ceramic veneers ),
  • Periodontology (complex periodental examination and treatment),
  • Dental prosthetics (ceramic-metal or ceramic bimetal crowns, ceramic veneers, dental bridgework and ferrule prosthetics, implantological prosthetics),
  • Children dentistry (preventive care and treatment),
  • Implantology (tooth restoration with the help of endosseus implant).

Patient, individual and attentive approach to everyone are in the first flight for us! Our specialists possess all the new technologies and methods of treatment, which correspond to the standards of European clinics and it is a guarantee of the quality of treatment. It allows us to give our treatment assurance for two years in case you follow our recommendations. Treatment in our clinic is painless; a visit to the dentist will not be a teriffic problem now.

1-pervichnoje obsledovanije

Preventive dentistry

2-профессиональная гигиена

Professional hygiene



4-ортопедическая стоматология

Prosthetic dentistry





7-отбеливание зубов

Teeth whitening

8-эстетическая стоматология

Aesthetic dentistry

9-детская стоматология

Children dentistry

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