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Aesthetic dentistry

The specialization of LILYDENT clinic is aesthetic dentistry with the usage of the most modern materials. The term – aesthetic dentistry – expresses the strive of contemporary dentistry for a natural and harmonic smile of the patient.

Offers of aesthetic dentistry in our clinic are really wide:

  • Aesthetic fillings are made of Dycril of high quality (an enormous scale of colors).


  • Ceramic dental inlay is an exclusive and more long-lasting variant of filling. They are created in the laboratory after making an impression in the traditional way or with the help of computer technology (CAD/CAM systems).
  • Ceramic veneers are a variant of aesthetic approach on frontal teeth to substitute dental crowns. Veneers help to correct some natural teeth defects or overlay old not aesthetic fillings. Veneer production takes a good amount of time, a high qualification of the doctor, his aesthetic sense.
  • Crowns and zirconium dioxide-based bridgeworks are produced with the help of computer technology. To produce unremovable dental prostheses (unremovable bridheworks, crowns) we use aesthetic ceramic materials, which perfectly imitate dental tissue. Ceramics is the material similar to dental enamel not only due to a wide scale of colors, but also mainly due to its transparence, which makes ceramics look natural in contrast with matte surface of plastic materials.


  • Home careful teeth whitening.
  • Whitening in the dental chair – momentaneous effect! We recommend using home whitening to have a more long-lasting effect.
  • Teeth pigmentation removal: air-flow is a special system using which food pigmentation is removed from teeth with the help of air-water spray with hydrocarbonate particles.
  • Adornment on teeth – a big choice (studs, diamonds, gold), their imposition will absolutely not damage enamel.
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