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Children dentistry

childrenOur clinic is not a specialized clinic for children. Treatment of children differs from adults’ treatment and involves a completely different approach. As part of the complex service in our clinic we also provide our patients’ kids with treatment. The efforts of the clinic staff are aimed at care about all members of the family and our task is to become your family dentist. Both examination and treatment are held in the friendly atmosphere to relieve any tension of small patients visiting the doctor.

The most widely-spread problem of children’s teeth is appearance of tooth caries. Special programme for small patients called LILYDENT – Preventive measures without stress and caries for kids involves:


  1. Complex examination of mouth cavity.
  2. Periodic control examination by the dentist once per three months.
  3. Teaching of individual hygiene (the right usage of toothbrush, dental floss, interdental brush and toothpaste with fluorine).
  4. Caries prevention – professional fluoridation in the doctor’s cabinet once per six months (fluorine merged into the tooth enamel prevents from caries appearance).
  5. Fissure sealing is a very effective method to protect you against tooth caries. Fissures are natural pits on the tooth masticatory surface. There is a bigger risk of caries appearance in these places. But there is a possibility to seal fissures with the help of special light cure material, which will protect teeth against dental plaque and consequently against caries appearance. This method is used for permanent erupted teeth and is a completely painless procedure for a child.
  6. Painless treatment of teeth struck with caries.
  7. Early detection of developmental disorder in dento-facial system of the child and consultation with a specialist.
  8. We have prepared a present for every small patient!
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