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Periodontitis as well as caries is the most widely met disease of the mouth cavity and appears under the pathological effect of bacteria. There are about one thousand kinds of microorganisms in the human’s mouth cavity, they locate on teeth and gingivae surfaces forming a white cover, which is called dental plaque. In the process of life-sustaining activity pathogenic microorganisms produce poisonous substances – toxins – which destroy periodontal tissues and contribute to gingivitis and dental caries.


Everyone should visit a dentist, if he has got such symptoms of gingivitis:

  • repeating bleeding from the gingiva,
  • cyanochroic gradation of gingiva,
  • gingival oedema or swelling,
  • dental scale or plaque, which are not removed with the toothbrush,
  • smell from the mouth,
  • gingival retraction (recession) – tooth necks or roots exposure,
  • tooth mobility or a change of the tooth inclination.

A dentist will examine the condition of gingiva with the help of so-called periodontal probe. Softly inserting the probe to the chamfer between the tooth and gingiva a doctor will define its depth and hemorrhagic tendency. A doctor will also examine the condition of periodontal tissues, presence of dental plaque, dental scale and pathological dental pocket. If it is necessary, a doctor will run diagnostics with the help of computer physiography, which allows seeing the presence of dental scale under the gingiva in the dental pocket and changes in the dental bone alveolus. On the grounds of the examination a doctor will carry out a plan of treatment, the realization of which will allow you to decrease or stop the development of periodontitis and prevent its possible consequences as well.

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