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Preventive Dentistry

For treatment of our patients, we focus on the prevention of oral diseases. Prevention is one of the major and important disciplines not only in dentistry but in medicine in general. Preventive dentistry is a part of dentistry that prevents gum disease and tooth caries. Considering that the periodontal tissues and hard tooth tissues cannot be fully recovered, prevention is needed to avoid undesirable damage and essentially irreversible processes in them. Regular preventive maintenance will not only prevent the loss of these tissues, but also save time and money of the patient.

As a part of preventive dentistry, we offer:

    • Regular preventive medical check-ups,

    • Professional oral hygiene,

    • Prevention and treatment of sensitivity of the tooth tissues,

    • Teeth fluoridation of in the doctor's office,

    • Fissure sealing of children’s teeth.

We recommend visiting the dentist twice a year to prevent dental deceases. Patients at risk are recommended checking up 3-4 times a year. Pregnant women should pay particular attention to the prevention. Prophylactic examinations during pregnancy should be held at least 2 times. Their objective is also to educate expectant mothers about proper care of children’s teeth. For the healthy development of baby teeth an early visit to the dentist is also essential. There is a misconception that dental care for little children is not necessary, since their first baby teeth fall out gradually and that is enough to start with caring for the permanent teeth. It is vital to take care of children’s teeth immediately after they first appear. And the child's first visit to the doctor is also important from a psychological point of view.

Dental hygiene is an important part of preventive dentistry. Its task is to motivate the patient to maintain oral hygiene care, help him in development of proper technique of brushing teeth and interdental spaces depending on the condition of the oral cavity of each patient, and also in the examination of the tissues to prevent periodontal disease and using certain preventive and therapeutic treatments. This helps patients to maintain their oral health for a long term.

Waste products of bacteria (acid) destroy tooth enamel and the developing caries begins to threaten the health of the tooth pulp. Medical purpose of professional fluoridation is to prevent tooth decay of permanent children’s teeth. Fluoride is an element which on a micro-level reacts with elements of the enamel (Ca), forming protective bridges. This prevents the development of dental caries contributing to remineralization (restoration) of the enamel. The effect of the fluorination is estimated for 6 months. Therefore, it is necessary to perform fluoridation at least twice a year.

Teeth fissures sealing is a preventive procedure that protects the newly cut permanent teeth from caries. Most often it is the first permanent molar. The doctor cleans the teeth from plaque and fills the narrow and deep grooves on the chewing surfaces of posterior teeth of young patients with a special photopolymer material. This procedure is particularly necessary for children with high caries activity.

All measures of the preventive dentistry are painless and they are usually performed without anesthesia.

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