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Teeth whitening

Teeth whitening is an indispensable part of the modern teeth care. All the whitening methods are not recommended to the patients under 18, pregnant and brestfeeding women. Only healthy teeth can be whitened. The counter-indications are caries, periodontitis in the exacerbation phase. All whitening techniques influence only natural dental tissue, hence it is necessary aiming at easthetic reconstruction to replace your fillings and dental implants in three weeks after the whitening.

There are several methods for teeth whitening:

1. Whitening toothpastes.

The easiest and not expensive method of whitening is usage of whitening toothpastes. We recommend this method to maintain the long-lasting effect of already whitened teeth.

2. Home whitening.

It is a gradual way of whitening. However, we recommend to use it only after the doctor’s preliminary examination concerning fractures in dental enamel, caries, bare dental necks and also a possible parodentium disease. The active whitening substance is applied to teeth with the help of special splint. Whitening process can last 1-2 hours during the day or you can put on splints for the whole night. First results are to appear in two weeks. For a more significant effect of teeth whitening you will need 6-8 weeks.

3. Whitening in the doctor’s cabinet.

The combination of all suggested techniques is the most effective one. Whitening process is started with more active substances in the doctor’s cabinet and maintained by gentler home whitening. How long is it? It will depend on the vulnerability of your teeth and gingivae.

After whitening your teeth (immediately after the procedure in the cabinet) and while home whitening it is necessary to restrict or even avoid the consumption of products, which can color teeth: it is tea, coffee, red wine and smoking as well. It will allow you to keep your ultrawhite smile for a long time.


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