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Services provided by our clinic are not covered by compulsory health insurance. Unfortunately, monetary remuneration allocated by insurance companies does not even cover half the cost of the materials we use. Therefore, we do not work with companies that provide compulsory health insurance. Our solution on this issue enables us to devote sufficient time to our patients and use technologies and the newest materials that are necessary for the comprehensive health care of the teeth in a pleasant and calm atmosphere.

If the patient has an agreement of Voluntary Health Insurance (UNIQA, AXA, MAXIMA, VICTORIA-Volksbanken, SLAVIA etc.), which includes payment for dental services, we will provide all the necessary documents on the conducted treatment to the insurance company.

The cost of treatment for each patient can be calculated only after the comprehensive examination, which will determine the required amount of treatment.


Approximate prices:                                                                  1€ = 26,0 Kč

Medical procedure Price
X-ray examination 300,- Kč
Comprehensive oral cavity examination 400,- Kč
Professional teeth cleaning (tartar and pigmentation removal)  
Professional hygiene – ultrasound or Air-flow  1 700,-Kč
Professional hygiene – ultrasound + Air flow                 1 900,- Kč
Teeth whitening by doctor  6 500,- Kč
Professional hygiene for children  800,- Kč
Anesthesia, dental fillings and root canal treatment of teeth  
Superficial / Local anesthesia  50-150,- Kč
Removal, permanent tooth  850-1 200,- Kč
Dental filling for baby teeth (glass ionomer, composite)  850,- Kč
Fissure sealing of children – 1t.  600,- Kč
Dental filling for permanent teeth (glass ionomer)  1 400-1 900,- Kč
Composite dental filling for permanent teeth  1 750-2 500,- Kč
Restoration of the tooth crown (dowel + composite)  3 200,- Kč
Composite veneer  3 800,- Kč
Tooth canal treatment according to the type of tooth (1C – 3C)  4 200-6 200,- Kč
Dental prosthetics  
Molded metal crown  4 000,- Kč
Metal ceramic crown  7 800,- Kč
Metal free ceramic crown  8 500,- Kč
Ceramic onlay  8 800,- Kč
Clasp dentures from 15 000,- Kč
Removable full dentures from  7 500,- Kč
Installation of the implant, incl.implant cost   12 900,- Kč
Removable full dentures, incl.abutment cost   10 000,- Kč

We accept all the most common bank cards – VISA, MASTERCARD, DINERCLUB.

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