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Prosthetic dentistry

Prosthetic dentistry deals with the compensation for lost hard dental tissues, groups of teeth or all teeth. The absence of one or more teeth in the teeth line threatens that neighboring teeth may begin to tilt toward the missing tooth, and the teeth of the opposite jaw may move forward (and even completely fill) the place of the missing tooth. Thus the function of the entire dental system is disturbed. The remaining teeth are overloaded (their ligaments – fibers that hold the teeth in the jaw are suffering), temporomandibular joint and chewing muscles are irreversibly affected.

Permanent orthopedic constructions include:


  • Metal-ceramic dental crowns and dental bridges,
  • All-cermic (metal free) dental crowns and dental bridges,
  • Ceramic fillings (replace the classic filling),
  • Ceramic veneers.

When there is extensive dentition defect that cannot be corrected with the help of dental bridges and implantation, the solution is the production of removable dentures.

As a part of the removable orthodontic treatment we offer:

Partial removable dentures. They may be attached to the teeth by means of so-called clasps (hooks) or by locking fasteners. The latter method of fastening of the removable dentures gives excellent stabilization when chewing and speaking, and it is more aesthetically pleasing.


Full removable dentures are made when there is total absence of teeth.

FLEXITE is a new generation of technology in the manufacture of all types of removable dentures.

FLEXITE is a lightweight and flexible material that firmly and accurately adheres to the teeth and gums.

FLEXITE is a completely oral mucosa biocompatible material.

FLEXITE is extremely pure and non-toxic material that contains no carcinogenic compounds.


If you use FLEXITE dentures, there is no metallic taste, which may be present when using the classic dentures, and there are no unsightly metal fastenings. Almost invisible fastening is used.                       

Happy owners of FLEXITE dentures adapt to them very quickly.

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